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There's DNA in my Food!?

The Sandoval Lab members participate in K12 outreach through the Girls in STEM at Tulane (GiST) and Boys at Tulane in STEM (BaTS) programs. The GiST and BaTS days, one Saturday each per semester, are geared toward giving local fifth through seventh graders the ability to spend the day engaging in fun and educational STEM activities. We want to increase the “sense of fit” in science for all participants. These programs are important to provide a diverse group of students the ability to engage with a diverse group mentors.

       The Sandoval Lab’s workshop entitled “There’s DNA in My Food!?” educates students in the ubiquity, form, and function of DNA in our everyday life, as well as introduces how DNA can be modified in living systems by scientists for society’s benefit. Students extract DNA from strawberries and bananas, allowing for messy hands-on experience.

       Keep your eye out on this page for a “module” which includes a presentation slide deck, an instructor guide with material lists and protocols, and worksheets for students at different grade levels. This packet provides an easily incorporated module for K12 science educators. 

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