Research Team

Prof. Nicholas R. Sandoval, PhD

Postdoctoral Research

              University of Delaware; Newark, DE; Mentor: Prof. ET Papoutsakis      

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering; December  2011

University of Colorado; Boulder, CO; Advisor:  Prof. RT Gill      

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering; December 2008    

University of Colorado; Boulder, CO       

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering; May 2006             

University of Colorado; Boulder, CO; summa cum laude

A new member of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Tulane University, Nicholas R. Sandoval, is establishing a research program that centers on genome engineering non-model microbes for biofuel and biochemical production. Dr. Sandoval earned his PhD in 2011 at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department where he investigated combinatorial recombination techniques in E. coli. After spending a year as a lecturer at Colorado Mesa University, he went on to do postdoctoral work at the University of Delaware.

Claire McGraw

B.S: Chemical Engineering, Arizona State University 2012

Ph.D.: Chemical Engineering, Tulane, 2018

Current Status: Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research: Studying glycosylation patterns of monoclonal antibodies as a marker for genomic instability in Chinese hamster ovary cells.

Interests: I love to garden, crochet and hang out with my dogs!

Nancy Kim

B.A.: Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental – Biology, University of Colorado at Boulder

Current Status: 4th year, Bioinnovation PhD program

Research: Engineering a butanol responsive transcription factor-based biosensor for high-throughput screens to identify a high producing 1-butanol strain in Clostridium acetobutylicum

Interests: Learning to speak Dominican Creole from Rochelle. 'Sa ka fet?' ('What’s up?')

Rochelle (Carla) Joseph

B.S: Chemistry, Grambling State University

Current Status: 3rd year, Chemical Engineering PhD

Research: I am interested in developing tools for high-throughput genetic and metabolic engineering in multiple Clostridium species

Interests: Jill of all trades; Expert of Plantains (Fried plantains, Baked Plantains… I really love plantains)

Danqia Peng

B.S: Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University

Current Status: 2nd year, Chemical Engineering PhD

Research: Developing tools for rapid Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell line engineering using variety of CRISPR systems to produce stable antibody in a long-term culture

Interests: Swimming, watching films, and cooking

Rani Brooks

B.S: Biology, Cornell

Current Status: 2nd year graduate student, Bioinnovations PhD

Research: Cell-Free Bacteriophage Production for Novel Therapeutics

Interests: ukulele, banjo, bass, baking

Caroline Duncan

Current Status: Masters Student in Biomedical Engineering

Research: Directed evolution and genetic editing of Clostridium for levulinic acid tolerance

Interests: Watching Game of Thrones, playing with my cat, and painting

Catherine Barkach

Current Status: Masters Student in Chemical Engineering Engineering

Research: CRISPR editing in  Clostridium

Interests: TBD

Riley Sinnott

Current Status: Junior in Chemistry

Research: Promoter engineering

Interests: TBD

Katie Hall (former)

Current Status: Chemical Engineer, B.S.E. 

Research: CHO cell line engineering

Interests: TBD

Michael Morton (former)

Current Status: Graduated B.S.E. 2018

Research: energy production, both fossil fuels and renewable sources

Interests: He currently serves as a senator on Tulane's Undergraduate Student Government and is president of the School of Science and Engineering Student Government. He is from Laplace, Louisiana, where he attended St. Charles Catholic High School.

Andrew Wierdak (former)

Current Status: Graduated Chemical Engineer, B.S.E. 2018

Research: I am interested in research in energy.

Interests: A fun fact about me is that I am a radio DJ.

Nick Watts (former)

Current Status: Graduated Chemical Engineer, B.S.E. 2018

Research: Strain engineering for biofuels production

Interests: Avid College Sailor, served as the Team Captain for two years.  Currently serving as Vice President for the Tulane University Student Chapter of AICHE.  From Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts.

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