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Lab members get the 'GiST'

Sandoval Lab graduate students Nancy Kim and Carla Joseph spend their Saturday teaching middle school girls about science and engineering.

Nancy Kim and Carla Joseph had the opportunity to welcome young girls to explore STEM fields at an event hosted by GiST (Girls in STEM at Tulane). GiST is an outreach program that encourage and empower 5th to 7th grade girls to explore STEM fields in a positive environment. They welcomed almost 150 girls with an demonstration of how surfactants work with the help of milk, liquid soap, and food coloring.

First, a few drops of food coloring were added to a bowl of milk, then a cotton swab was dipped in a bit of liquid soap. The girls then touched the liquid soap to the milk and the girls’ faces lit up with amazement as the colors of the food dye shot across the milk's surface. The members of the Sandoval lab found the experience very rewarding and will definitely be participating next semester!

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